WHIT Partners with Smart Kitchen Insights Group

I am excited to share my partnership with  WHIT a Wellness Home built on Innovation and Technology, with every detail designed to inspire and empower a healthier life.

WHIT is a first-of-its-kind home designed to activate health solutions and technologies in a vibrant residential community. Simply put, WHIT is a smart homemade brilliant

In WHIT, wellness features are all around you. With amenities like a Sleep Sanctuary, a Wellness Kitchen, dynamic lighting, windows, and latest technologies for fitness, rest and relaxation – WHIT home can guide you to create daily behaviors that can empower you to be your best self.

What is also so exciting is WHIT is both a livable space and living laboratory that demonstrates how your home can be the ultimate health improvement tool. 

WHIT is constantly changing. As technologies evolve and new solutions emerge, WHIT adapts to continually reimagine how your home can be the center of health and wellbeing.

WHIT has featured over 100 different health and wellness products for the home from research and development prototypes to the latest cutting-edge technologies to hit the market.

In addition to producing products for a real-life environment, WHIT partners get an opportunity to experience synergies and evaluate potential for collaborations with the other products and companies featured in the home.  Collaborating with innovative partners that are pushing the industry forward, every detail of WHIT facilitates, inspires, and empowers a healthier life.

Through my partnership with WHIT, I am curating the small appliances in the Wellness Kitchen, each of these appliances represent the future kitchen tools. Each tool represents a trend: Sustainability as in Zero Food Waste, Personalization and Voice Activation.

I am inspired by seeing how the Food and Technology come together, layering in the challenges that effect home cooks as they want to be more mindful, balance health, and wellbeing when it comes to preparing food for their families on a daily basis. I love watching and seeing how these new tools could help people in the kitchen create home cook meals that can bring the family together. Home cooks want to provide healthy and nutritious foods for their family but it is not always easy, so tools that can help them, and at the same time help them to be more mindful of the environment that they passionately care about is a win for everyone!

WHIT is located  in the idyllic Lake Nona Community in Orlando, Florida.  The Lake Nona Institute is a non-profit, community-focused organization inspiring healthy, sustainable communities of the future. Lake Nona Institute is researching and analyzing information on human, physical, and environmental elements in real-time to better understand the interaction and effects of the built environment and lifestyle behaviors on human wellbeing. 

For more information about WHIT and the Lake Nona Institute click here. If you are interested in showcasing a product in WHIT please email me at Jane@smartkitcheninsights.com.