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Turn to a Consumer Behavior Cooking Expert

Smart Kitchen Insights Group is ready to help you get closer to your consumer target, create new recipes that are fool proof for your home cook and work with you to develop first time experiences that will ensure successful usage of your products. We are led by Jane Freiman, an innovative leader and pioneer in the future of cooking and kitchen experience. She has more than 30 years of test kitchen experience with food and appliances.

Her Mission

She strives to bring life to the consumer’s kitchen and their cooking experiences with the mantra: “It starts with the home cook and ends with the food”.

Her Experiences

Jane has a keen understanding of consumers’ cooking needs and behaviors across the globe. She has worked and shared best practices for recipe development with teams in Mexico, Belgium, Australia, and Canada. In addition to that, Jane also led the Campbell’s Consumer Test Kitchen.


Her Work in Campbell Soup Company

Consumer Test Kitchen

Jane spent 27 years at Campbell Soup Company. She served as the leader of their Consumer Test Kitchen, wherein she provided consumer cooking insights and trends to the broader Campbell business. She also ensures home kitchen realities, and the mindset of a consumer are central to Campbell’s recipe and product development. While leading the consumer test kitchen, Jane created the best practices for recipe development and its quality seal. Eventually, she also envisioned a “Consumer First” mindset to drive business success for each brand.

Kitchen of the Future

While at Campbell’s, Jane launched a cross-functional, enterprise-wide Kitchen of the Future Team to keep a finger on the pulse of trending technology. Focusing on meal planning, shopping, and preparation experiences over the next 15+ years. The team researched and identified appliance manufacturers, kitchen start-ups, and internet food communities to partner with those that would optimize testing opportunities.

Aside from that, Jane also led the testing of the new Smart Connected Kitchen Tools. She also provided valuable feedback to start-ups.

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